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POEMS submitted in remembrance of Alisha & Ava Lucille

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She was a ray of sunshine.
Happy was just her way.
Now she’s in Heaven.
Shining down on us every day.
She is the sun.
So big and bright.
She lights up my heart.
Even in the darkest night.
She is always with us.
Constantly shining down,
Her soul is not lost.
She is finally found.
Written by: Sarah McGovern age 12

(Not an "opps" but our souls' master plan)

You look at my pictures, trying to find me there but I'm not.
I see you looking at me while I look back at you. Curious.
You see me as a baby, a toddler, a teen.
There in my white churchy dress, later--more me for sure, in my ratty jeans
Arms tight around you each or Luke or Bre.
I want you to know more than anything
That I've left much more behind than silence or just those so many waiting-for-life pictures.
More than my sweaty clothes, my car, my way empty room, my phone that rings no more,
My and our imagined plans for a very much longer life as a mom, or as a woman grown.
Unfinished business you might think. Like my life, too short and undone.

What you don't see or know is the part of me I've left with you
The part of me that will change the world I left behind for you all when you're ready to download it.
In every picture of me that you look at, I challenge you to more doing and being, and know this:
I sang my own song every single word mine to the end.
I sang it as loud as I could so you'd all hear me. Me with a capital M (or "A" LOL)
However sad or difficult or painful, I sang it, every bless-ed word was mine.
My song of life was not an "opps" but my soul's master plan.
To sing about kindess, to do good, to change what what I could that was bad in the world to better.
To love even the worst in everyone, even when you thought I was left alone and sad to find it out too late.
I sang about love. All kinds of love and fun and friends and family and music. And you know how much I loved music.

And then Ava came. She with her chorus to sing with us all.
She came to sing out loud with me, to sing to you, to let you know.
All great souls come with their master plan, a design to change the world, to brighten it and lighten it.
Now that you can't see us, Ava or me, we challenge you all to sing along with us every day.
Not just some tired old Karaoke tune that everyone's heard or sang drunk not quite sober.
This is about your own song, a powerful, spirit song sung from deep inside of you.
Not mumbled, or grumbled, not whispered, but hollered at the world. Awake and loud.
It's time for everyone to stop whispering or whimpering at life. Wake up noisy.
It's time to start screaming your master plan at the world so everyone asleep will hear.

It's a song about courage. And living courage.
It's a song about love. And living love.
It's a song, your song, our song, and best of all it is God's cherishing song.
Together as a chorus, our sacred music can change hurt and pain to healing and hope.
Bad laws and crime to laws that honor all souls who struggle to do good and right.
Even when mean, bad, and lies are easier, truth, courage, and right will win. And we are!
One song at a time. One life at a time. It's all we have. Make it fun and make it heard.

None of us are ever lost as long as we sing our song even when it's darkest.
No matter how short, no matter how long our song may be, it is ours.
At the end of life, and long after when our pictures start to fade
Whether we are there in our lacy dress or our ratty jeans, our boots or our heels,
It's our song that leads us exactly where we are supposed to be.
Home. Our song leads us home to love, to God.

I am there looking back at you when you look at my picture.
I am not lost. I never was. I never will be.
If you ever are, then I say start singing. Sing for more courage, sing for change, sing for love, sing for life.
I am singing my song with Ava, with God, with you, and I am never alone.
I do not sit in darkness, I live in the brightest of light you can imagine, singing.
Sing with me, but sing your song not some else's. Sing loud and awesome.

With love for your journey, Karyn Mitchell

For Sherry & Joe.. 


Close in my heart are Sherry & Joe
Yet still in a place not many could know
A year has gone by and the pain is so deep
For those that are close, we too still weep

Although on the outside, and looking in
We know and you know that we can win..
..over all of the sadness, there will be hope
of the difficult challenge, that you can cope

If there's one thing to learn from what you both teach
your hearts you both share, our souls you have reached
I cherish that sharing and continue to be
sad but close friends, and that's good for me

I just wish I had, a big magic wand
for those days of laughter for which we all long
Be brave and be loving, without any fear
Just for you both, I'll always be near

I admire you both and others do too
Cos' together you are, that's so hard to do
Just know in your hearts, that there will be light
Together you'll be, each morning and night.

For a small ray of sunshine, just once in a while
It's all that I ask, to see you both smile
That's how it is, you both are so brave
My mind has the memories, .. I'll always save

 - Strangely enough...

Alisha and Ava, they brought us together!
A bond that I know, will last forever
So many others, they feel the same way
Our thoughts will be with you, every each day!

From darkness to brightness, may the skies be blue

Sherry and Joe, this poem's for you

Submitted by: Trev Morson