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Jul 24 2013 14:58 PM Post #18
Location : USA, IL. OAK LAWN

field name : TRISH
This is a horrible thing. That man is pure evil! I pray for you and your daughter and your whole family. She is beautiful! I hope you know that you are very strong and that Alisha knows all that you have done..and I know she couldn\'t be happier that you were there for her. You are there for her and Ava. What a great thing you have done and are still doing! I don\'t know you, but as a mother I couldn\'t amagine what you are still going through.. and have the upmost respect for you. All my thoughts and prayers.
Sue Brune
Jul 09 2013 8:45 AM Post #16
Location : Plainfield, IL

My name is Sue and I am one is Sherry's friends. I newAlisha since she was 13 years old, my 21 year old and her were friends, my son and Luke go to Holy Family together, my daughter and Bre are 2 years apart at Holy Family but you would never know it, and have been in gymnastics together for years. I was just really missing everyone tonight. It's 3:39am and I wanted to be close to Ava and Alisha so here I am. I miss my friend, I miss Alisha and the baby that i looked forward to holding and watching my friend light up when she held. (i love babies, and love giving them to their mommies, lol) I hurt for the entire family and I don't know what to do for them. Tonight, I just pray. Jeremy and I love you guys and I just needed to say that tonight.
CJ Brzys
Jun 12 2013 21:09 PM Post #15
Location : Alexandria, VA

I think about Alisha every single day... She meant so much to me!

Thank you for being so inviting and friendly when she brought me home to meet you both.

I have had so much to say for so long but still can't find the words. I loved your daughter very much and she always knew how to brighten my day and make me smile.

I miss you Alisha
Fred & Mary Anne Palumbo
May 12 2013 16:02 PM Post #13
Location : Huntley. IL

Beautiful Daughter. Wonderful Memorial Website.
Trev Morson
Apr 09 2013 20:39 PM Post #12
Location : Aurora, IL

For those that know me, I am not a religous person, but felt the need today, a strong urge, to say a prayer for Sherry & Joe.

Seasons come, holidays come, special events come and there is much more to come, this must be so very difficult. Dim as it can be, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
Megan Meyerhoff
Apr 02 2013 5:58 AM Post #11
Location : Minooka

Alisha & Ava you will always be in our hearts. Alisha, you touched so many people in positive ways. Giving people you cared about positive influences and having an effect on everyone you encountered. Beautiful on the inside & outside. I was so excited to graduate college and come home for good so we could see each other more often. When I found out you were going to have a baby I was even more excited. I always had fun hanging out with you. Alisha & Ava I know your up there looking down on everyone & helping light our path through darkness. Love & miss you always.
brittani kotlar
Mar 27 2013 15:25 PM Post #9
Location : channahon, il

We all love you and miss you so much. You were always the person to put a smile on ones face and still do till this day. You and ava will always be loved and missed and you are angels that got their wings.

Love you,
Greg Mattix
Mar 25 2013 16:15 PM Post #8
Location : Aurora, IL

Dear Sherry & Joe,

I am sorry for your great loss. My prayers go out to you.
Adele Williams
Mar 25 2013 16:03 PM Post #7
Location : Liverpool England

Sherry Joe and family I'm so sorry for your loss know that I am always praying for you across the miles.
Lots of love xxxxxx
Marissa Kotlar
Mar 24 2013 20:16 PM Post #6
Location : Channohan, IL

field name : Marissa Kotlar
I love you Alisha and Ava, you both will never be forgotten, and will always be in our hearts. Alisha you are my best friend and you were already the most amazing mother i knew. You always were there for me through thick and thin and made a permeant impact on my life and the lives of others. Ava you are my godchild and you have more than fulfilled your role on healing the people around you and you are dearly loved. Lish you always could put a smile on my face no matter what. You truly are a beautiful person inside and outside. Heaven is a better place with you and Ava Lucille there. I miss you both so much, I love you both and know your watching over us everyday and giving us strength to carry on
Trev Morson
Mar 22 2013 18:26 PM Post #4
Location : USA, Aurora, IL

Dear Sherry & Joe,
Alisha & Ava's web site is complete, done in just short of a week. I know there will be many more updates as we go. I have known you for near 20 years.

When we met recently, you may remember that I repeated "I am on the outside looking in" ..because there are thousands of us like that, as we cannot comprehend or imagine the heartbreak and the emotions you are going through. But, the same thousands of us can help and support you by praying and doing something positive.

I am truly honored to have the ability to do something for you both, it brings peace of mind to me personally.

The world wide web is global and even the internet has its own small piece of heaven. Know now that Alisha & Ava are a part of this and, in peace. I love you both so much!
Mar 21 2013 23:14 PM Post #3
Location : channahon

field name : Ashpax
I will remember Alisha and Ava everyday. They will never be forgotten, Alisha was such a beautiful girl and could light up any room she walked into.
my favorite thing about her was her quick witty humor!she could always give me a laugh no matter what mood!
Sherry & Joe
Mar 19 2013 16:29 PM Post #2
Location : Plainfield, IL USA

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